Work Performance Information

Part of the executed project management plan includes the routine collection of work performance information. The information gathered is important, and is useful as input data for quality control measures and programs. It is also useful when audits, quality reviews, and process analyses are conducted. This is especially true of work performance information collected which includes technical performance measures, project deliverables status, required corrective actions, and performance reports. Pertinent work performance Information is essential to the project management plan and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Status information on schedule progress.
  • Whether deliverables have been completed, or not.
  • Start and finish status of schedule activities.
  • Quality standards expectation results.
  • Authorized costs vs. costs incurred to date.
  • Estimated completion time for scheduled activities in progress.
  • Percentage of physical completion of in-progress schedule activities.
  • Experience based knowledge acquired, documented, and posted to knowledge base.
  • Details of resource utilization.

Gathering and analysis of work performance information is essential to the project management plan and should be considered a priority. Work performance information contributes to the efficient use of resources, identifies potential trouble spots and problems, and serves as an effective project management tool

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.


  1. Can you please give examples for Work Performance Information. Is this progress information and/or also time entered in a timesheet system?

  2. This depends on the requirements of the project. Time tracking can be one solution, but this is not the only way. As an example, MS Project allows you to send work packages as tasks to MS Outlook users, and when they complete a task, this would be incorporated into the MS Project plan.

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