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GAPP & Project Management

Data privacy is an important concern in project management. The administration of a project may involve collecting, handling, or storing information from a wide variety of sources. For example, in the software consulting industry, performing a mainframe migration for a client might involve access to large quantities of data on that client’s customers and/or employees. […]

Risk Management – Plan For The Best

A great deal of discussion surrounding project risk management focuses on reducing the occurrence of negative events. This is natural since we’ve all seen projects effectively destroyed by a foreseeable disaster for which a team failed to adequately prepare. The praise that accompanies a successful outcome also pales in comparison to the blame and career […]

Risk Management Expert Rita Mulcahy passed away

Renowned business expert Rita Mulcahy died May 15, 2010 following a long battle with breast cancer. She was the founder of RMC Project Management, starting that company in 1991. It was at this time that Rita discovered the need for additional training to be able to grow their career. The certification process was intense and […]

A project plan is more than a MS Project Gantt Chart

A project plan not only outlines the specific goals and timelines for a project, it also breaks down the various tasks needed to accomplish the goal of the project. Project planning is an important part of making sure a project gets done right and within a specified time frame. There are many resources available to […]

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