Risk Management Expert Rita Mulcahy passed away

Renowned business expert Rita Mulcahy died May 15, 2010 following a long battle with breast cancer. She was the founder of RMC Project Management, starting that company in 1991. It was at this time that Rita discovered the need for additional training to be able to grow their career. The certification process was intense and without the proper guidance, many people would fail. Ms. Mulcahy subsequently wrote a PMP Exam Prep Study guide for those persons who wanted to become Certified Project Managers. It received national and international acclaim, with most experts this to be the industry standard.

She was also recognized around the world on such business topics as project management techniques, risk management and project management certification. With more than fifteen years of experience working directly with business leaders, Rita had over 2.5 billion dollars of experience to her credit. Her company became a leader in the business industry, renowned for the ability to both teach people and allow them to enjoy it as well.

Ms. Mulcahy was also a guest speaker at thousand of seminars and business conventions every year. Her firm continues to be involved with this type of risk management work, offering help and guidance to many people training in this field. This includes e-books, online courses, kits, and self-help books. It has continued to grow, even in her absence, with expansion into other areas, including publishing, internet technology and even real estate.

Rita Mulcahy was a true pioneer in this industry, helping thousands of people along the way. Her company continues with the vision she began almost 20 years ago of assisting those most in need.

The company continues to grow with divisions in publishing, warehousing, distribution, online books, and real estate. Rita had a love for the outdoors, the arts, theater, and skiing.

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