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Idea/MInd Mapping

Idea/mind mapping is not a new technique in project management. It is a technique that is used to collect and consolidate ideas created through brainstorming sessions with the team members. The consolidated map reflects the common ground as well as differences in understanding or generating new ideas. This type of tool provides visual presentation through maps so that team leaders and the members can discuss and explore the ideas further to analyze and solve the problem.

Creating an Idea/mind mapping follows a simple principle. The problem or idea is usually drawn in the middle of the board or paper and subtopics are written around the idea. In the simplest explanation, a mind map looks like a visual spider diagram which captures the information around a single idea or topic.

Project managers can use different toIdea/mind mappingols to create mind maps. As mentioned earlier, the whiteboard or paper mind map is commonly used in project management planning. It is a simple way of presenting the idea and it can also be used to look into different ideas. For complicated ideas, mind mapping software can be used.

Mind maps are important during the project implementation phase. They are created before even writing the scope of the project. It helps the team to determine every resource needed to complete the project. It is also used to indicate constraints that may affect the completion and quality of the project.

Mind maps are great tools for project managers and their team. The most important benefit is that it provides a visual way of expressing ideas and communicating these ideas to the rest of the team members. Although basic as they are, mind maps have been used by project managers for a long time and it is one of the tools in project management planning that will

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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