Project Management Knowledge

Project Management in a Troubled Economy

With the economic changes that have occurred over the past year it’s not surprising that project managers might be asked to tighten their budgets and try to get work done more quickly with fewer resources. It has never been more important in project management to avoid costly delays and cut costs wherever possible. One thing […]

The Importance of Listening and Feedback for Project Managers

Much can be said about communication when it comes to project management. Everyone on the team needs to be clear on their assignments and understand the goals of the project. Where some project managers need improvement is in the area of listening and providing feedback. Being a better listener leads to higher productivity and improves […]

Communication: face-to-face vs. email

Through all phases of project management there must be effective communication taking place. The method of communicating is a question that deserves some attention. With the development of technology more and more project managers are moving toward a reliance on electronic communications which has several benefits. Email and other electronic communications allow project managers to […]

Resource Leveling

One of the most difficult things in project management is making sure that work is allocated equally. The last thing a project manager wants to do is to overload one or more team members while leaving others with too little work to do. The question then is how to make sure each resource has work […]

The Apollo Syndrome and Project Management

As project manager you do your best to put together a team of highly qualified individuals. After all, in project management you want everything to run smoothly and efficiently, right? A discovery by Dr. Meredith Belbin called the Apollo Syndrome however proves that the project manager should think twice before loading a team with highly […]

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